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Happy New year!
Happy, Happy New Year! We wish you all the best, Great work to reach your fondest goals, And when you’re done, sweet rest. We hope for your fulfillment, Contentment, peace and more, A brighter, better new year than You’ve ever had before.
Specially for collieries
Specially for collieries TONAR offers a range of tipping semitrailers and road-trains.
Plane crash over the Black Sea.
Dear friends!
Today our factory, as well as all of Russia, mourning the dead in a plane crash over the Black Sea.
We express our sincere condolences and words of support to the family and friends.
"Tonar" today ...
Since 1990, the plant "Tonar" grew from a production cooperative to the largest manufacturer of trailers and semitrailers.
The new 4-axle Container chassis
The new 4-axle Container chassis
Tonar 9988 can carry several tonnes more cargo than its 3-axis brothers.
Livestock semitrailers for Belgorod region
In November the big party of semitrailers for Livestock was sold to one of the largest agricultural holdings of the Belgorod region (Russia).
Big party of curtainsiders
For international logistics company, one of the leaders in the Eastern European, Russian and CIS  freight market shipped a large consignment (several dozen) of semi-trailers TONAR-974611DN.
National Award "The priority in 2016"
TONAR  won the Russian National Award "Priority-2016" in the nomination "Priority-Agro".
Starting of Training program for representatives
TONAR makes serious demands to the level of skills of its dealer network. That is why from mid-October started training seminar for representatives of "TONAR".
Shipping of poultry semi-trailers
Since mid-August TONAR made 20 semitrailers for transportation of poultry. All semitrailers has been released for the major Russian agro-holdings.
Shipping of dump semitrailers
One of the largest agricultural producers of the Novosibirsk region has gained a party-dump semitrailers Tonar-952344.
TONAR participated in exhibition at Samara
In September 2016 in Ust-Kinelsky city (Samara Region) passed XVIII Volga Region Agroindustrial Exhibition - 2016. The event was organized by the Government of the Samara Region and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Samara region with informational support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
"TONAR" participated in the exhibition and represented Bunker transferTonar-PT5, which was sold during the first day of the exhibition.
TONAR Presentation in Kemerovo region
A few days ago in the city of Belovo Kemerovo Region hosted a presentation of the new lightweight tipper semi-trailer Tonar-952302 to be coupled to a KAMAZ tractor and a mine dump truck Tonar-45251.
IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016
IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016- is an international exhibition of commercial vehicles and other vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers and goods. The organizer of the event is the company Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA).
Welcomes guests from Latin America
TONAR continues to expand its market.
The results of annual “Tonar” presentation
On 24 of April machine building factory “Tonar” traditionally held annual full-scale presentation of all equipment produced by the factory. Changeable weather of Moscow region couldn’t prevent equipment demonstration, because new and improved models were gathered in newly built automobile workshop.
Annual presentation
April, 25th (Friday) "Tonar" is waiting for You! Welcome to the annual presentation of the entire range of products produced by the plant. 
Only this day you can see the entire product range of vehicles assembled in one place, including the most recent models. Tractors and tippers, curtainsiders and platform semitrailers, container chassis, insulated semitrailers and refeers, timber trucks and agricultural machinery will be presented here. 
Anyone will be able to see the manufacturing of Tonar-vehicles and evaluate the degree of modernization. And then, in a warm and friendly atmosphere our guests will be able to communicate with the management of the plant, engineers and leading experts in all areas.

Please be sure to pre-register for the presentation, preferably on the type of vehicles you are interested in: 
Tractors and tippers, mining dump truck: additional 114, 120, 217, 128, 228
Curtainsiders and platform semitrailers: additional 123, 227, 112 
Timber trucks: additional 123, 130 
Container chassis: additional 123, 117 
Agricultural machinery: additional 121, 133, 127 
Insulated semitrailers: additional 127, 115 
Cooperation in the field of spare parts sales: additional 119, 124 
Service: additional 212, 224 

For the media: 
Pre-registration by tel.: 8-910-406-88-00 Natalia (Head of Advertising Department) 
Transfer from Moscow.
"TONAR’s" platforms and bodies for export
"TONAR" has produced a large shipment of tipping bodies and platforms, made by the order of European partners.
New modification of Tonar-9445
New modification of timber truck Tonar-9445 is on sale.
Bear is a new symbol of “TONAR” factory
“Tonar” is going to be 25 year-old at 2015. Almost all these years the factory symbol was a circle with letters written into it, which was firstly designed in 90-s.
From 2015 production of the factory “Tonar” will be decorated with new symbol – roaring bear.