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The results of annual “Tonar” transport presentati
On 24 of April machine building factory “Tonar” traditionally held annual full-scale presentation of all equipment produced by the factory. Changeable weather of Moscow region couldn’t prevent equipment demonstration, because new and improved models were gathered in newly built automobile workshop.
"TONAR’s" platforms and bodies for export
"TONAR" has produced a large shipment of tipping bodies and platforms, made by the order of European partners.
New modification of Tonar-9445
New modification of timber truck Tonar-9445 is on sale.
Bear is a new symbol of “TONAR” factory
“Tonar” is going to be 25 year-old at 2015. Almost all these years the factory symbol was a circle with letters written into it, which was firstly designed in 90-s.
From 2015 production of the factory “Tonar” will be decorated with new symbol – roaring bear.
Couple tractor + semitrailer that weighs only 13.5
At the end of October OOO MZ “Tonar” send in Kemerovskaya region the first tipping couple from new large shipment of tippers with semitrailers for transporting coal through the public roads. The couple consists of the tractor Tonar-5422 with wheel arrangement 4x2 and tipping semitrailer Tonar-952302.
The special feature of this equipment is its own weight – the minimum kerb weight (only 13.5 tons!).
Operation of mine dump truck in Vyborg
It's been 3 months since the international exhibition STT 2014 in Moscow when Tonar-4525 mine dumper was delivered to Vyborg. How has it performed since then? The Chief of "Granit" LLC, Alexander Rannev, answeres the question. 
New two-sides dump semitrailer seeds carrier!
"Tonar" has turned out a brand new model of semitrailer seeds carrier. It`s a fullsize, two-section semitrailer with two-sides dump (right and left) which is possible by opening hatches in the side wals (with the lower hanger).
Time to harvest!
"Tonar" has turned out a new tractor trailer in the range of agricultural equipment.
A batch of new spring suspension sliding floor sem
A batch of sliding floor semitrailers Tonar-97461 is manufactured together with "UMIAT Siberia ", our dealer company. This model has been equipped with BPW spring suspension for the first time.
Tonar at STT-2014
"Tonar" represented new products in construction industry at the XV annual International exhibition "Construction equipment and technology".
The price is lower - the quality is higher!
MZ Tonar decreased its price on thermotrailers by more than 70-90 thousand depending on the model.
"Tonar"has increased its market share
According to market research pneumatic suspension "Tonar" semitrailers significantly strengthened their position for the 1st quarter of 2014. With the overall market decline and reduction of the amount of imported machinery in comparison with the 1st quarter of 2013, the market share of Tonar tipping semitrailers increased by 5.5%. "Tonar" has also increased its market share by 5.5% in semitrailer container carriers. Overall market share of air suspension Tonar semitrailers increased by 1.6% compared to 2013
April, 25th "Tonar" hosted the annual full-scale p
The presentation started at the warehouse, where every type of vehicle was presented in a separate area.
New models attracted the main interest.
New! Curtain semitrailer with aluminum front shiel
"Tonar" turned out a new curtainsider model 97461.
It is produced with an eye on the latest trends of long haul.
A large batch of articulated trucks for grain tran
A large batch of articulated trucks for grain transportation is shipped to a major carrier in North Ossetia.
Transportation of maximum number of poultry withou
New in 2014! This model is unique, as there are no counterparts, allowing to carry this size of cages 26 pieces each in double decks.
April, 25th - annual presentation of the entire p
April, 25th (Friday) "Tonar" is waiting for You! Welcome to the annual presentation of the entire range of products produced by the plant. 
Only this day you can see the entire product range of vehicles assembled in one place, including the most recent models. Tractors and tippers, curtainsiders and platform semitrailers, container chassis, insulated semitrailers and refeers, timber trucks and agricultural machinery will be presented here. 
Anyone will be able to see the manufacturing of Tonar-vehicles and evaluate the degree of modernization. And then, in a warm and friendly atmosphere our guests will be able to communicate with the management of the plant, engineers and leading experts in all areas.

Please be sure to pre-register for the presentation, preferably on the type of vehicles you are interested in: 
Tractors and tippers, mining dump truck: additional 114, 120, 217, 128, 228
Curtainsiders and platform semitrailers: additional 123, 227, 112 
Timber trucks: additional 123, 130 
Container chassis: additional 123, 117 
Agricultural machinery: additional 121, 133, 127 
Insulated semitrailers: additional 127, 115 
Cooperation in the field of spare parts sales: additional 119, 124 
Service: additional 212, 224 

For the media: 
Pre-registration by tel.: 8-910-406-88-00 Natalia (Head of Advertising Department) 
Transfer from Moscow.
Delivery of Tonar vehicles to West Africa
The Republic of Ghana (West Africa) started to operate "Tonar" rear dump tippers with spring suspension. It`s a part of a large batch of semitrailers manufactured by a specific order.
Setting up new service stations in Chelyabinsk, Ba
Starting this year new service stations have been opened to provide warranty and post-warranty repair as well as maintenance support of "Tonar" vehicles. "Tonar" service stations now operate in such cities as Kopejsk (Chelyabinsk Region), Barnaul (Altai Territory), Cherkessk (Karachay-Cherkess Republic), Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo and Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Territory).
Tonar opens branches
"Tonar" opens branches
Tonar opens official trade missions of the plant in Leninsk-Kuznetskiy and in Saint-Petersburg.
The branch in Saint-Petersburg: Shushari, 226 Badaevskoe. Tel.: 8 (921) 916-63-30
The branch in Siberia: Kemerovo region, Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Topkinskaya str., 11.
Tel.: +7 (961) 706-74-40, +7 (961) 708-74-40.