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Grain transfer wagon.
Body volume 22 m³


Specifications and prices

Body volume, m³ 22
Cargo weight not exceeding, kg 17 600
Kerb weight not exceeding, kg 6 000
Gross weight distribution, kg 22,000 (on a wheeled trolley); 1350 (on the coupli
Crosswise dumping angle, deg 29
Suspension independent balance-with the central axis
Axles Tonar
Tyres; disks 500/60 R22,5; 15,00×22,5
Working pressure, mPa 2,85
Delivery auger capacity, t/h 180
Auger diameter, mm 300
Auger drive unloading auger from the tractor via cardan shaft
Hydraulic system Quantity RSB - (1/2 *) - 6 pieces
The minimum amount of the oil of the tractor tank, l 80
The diameter of the finger coupling, mm 50
The height of the drawbar eye mm 530
The trailer is equipped with Mechanical awning with side twist; - Stripping s
It`s designed to receive grain from the harvester, transport it to the edge of the field and overload to a flatbed trailer. Grain unloading process goes smoothly without interruptions providing continuity of the harvesting process. Moreover, this trailer can be used when loading seeders (drills) and grain packing machines.

  • no downtime while waiting for a car
  • less pressure on the fertile soil layer due to wide wheels
  • possible to take the grain from two or three harvesters
  • lower costs on grain crop harvestingВ 

  • The trailer is equipped with:
  • cleanup hatches
  • side roll-up curtain
  • weighing system
  • hydraulic dampers of horizontal auger
  • Базовая комплектация:

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    Incoming standard on canopy protects the grain from moisture and ensure its safe transport.

    The weighing system (optional)

    Electronic scales are used for the most accurate determination of the weight of the silo content (minimum weighing error of +/- 1 kg.)
    Electronic scales are able to summation and unloading weight data (weight, date and time of unloading) to a PC for further analysis.
    Cargo weight is shown in large type on the display terminal.
    Convenient and intuitive layout of the function keys.


    Large hopper capacity (<b> 36 m & sup3; </ b>) allows you to pick up the grain with two or three combines that minimizes downtime as a processor in anticipation of unloading and loading of trucks waiting.

    Grain overload

    Special feed screw working horizontally in the hopper continuously pumps in grain unloading auger. Unloading auger provides speeds of grain overload up to 350 t. / H. The diameter of the unloading auger - 450 mm. discharge height is 4.6 m. In addition, the trailer can be used for loading sowing complexes (drills), and machines for the packaging of grain.


    Screw is driven by the tractor PTO.

    Driving performance

    The first and third axis - the thrusters, which facilitates maneuvering a loaded condition. The width of the tire tread (<b> 800 mm. </ B>) and large diameter wheels minimize ground pressure.

    A similar kind of semitrailers

    Articulated trailer-grain.
    The total volume transported
    72 m³ of cargo.
    Semitrailer flatbed 3 section.
    Body volume 54.6 m³
    Trailer for grain transportation
    Body volume 40 m³