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Semi-board with sliding conics
Body volume 14.5 m³


Specifications and prices

The height of the fifth wheel of the tractor unit to be mm 1 500
Cargo weight, kg 36 100 / 33 100
Curb weight of a semitrailer with a spare wheel, no more, kg 10 900
Full weight of the semitrailer, no more, kg 47 000 / 44 000
Gross weight distribution, kg 20,000 (at SS), 27 000/24 000 (in the embedded OS
Internal body dimensions, mm L = 14380, H = 600 (beads); 1500 (front panel)
The width of the trailer, mm: -
on the sides 2 490
on conic 2 490
with separated conics 2 490
The radius of the envelope front part of the semitrailer, mm 2 040
Suspension spring-balance
Wheel Axles Tonar
Wheels Disc 10.00-20 / 533-310
Number of axles / wheels 3/6 (one spare)
Braking system with two-wire pneumatic drive, Automatic
Parking brake system mechanical drive with spring-loaded
Braking system mechanical drive with spring-loaded
Landing gear 24 t
Body volume, m³ 14,5

Hub assembly

Wheel bearings are lubricated by the "blue" grease MS1510Blue. This lubricant is compatible with lithium grease and high temperature grease and is designed for heavy-loaded units, and also contains antioxidant additives to provide long-term operation at high pressure and temperature.
Castellated nut with a splinting to adjust hub bearing provides reliability of the hub assembly.

Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks. Each trailer is equipped with several plastic wheel chocks. The number varies depending on the model of the semitrailer.


Reinforced spring brackets.
Additional reinforced angle braces
Extra accumulators on the axle beam with additional holding arms.

Additional accumulator support bracket on the axle

Additional accumulator support bracket on the axle beam


Electrical equipment uses a harness of traffic signal with a connection socket.
Two-wire scheme.

Landing gear

Landing gears do not require significant maintenance:
- Single control
- Rack with hinged base plate
- Two-stage gear

Metal tool box

Rear bumper


Basket for spare wheels


A similar kind of semitrailers

B-double semitrailer
Body volume 60 m³
Tonar-95236 (for cargo coal)
Offroad trailer
Body volume 61 m³