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/ Tonar-952362-0000012-10
Tipping semitrailer
Body volume 34 m³


Specifications and prices

Measurements (Outside/Body inside) -
Length, mm 9 560/8 725
Width, mm 2 550/2 412
Height, mm 3 295/1 615
Weights, mm -
Kingpin load, kg 20 000
Axle load, kg 39 000
Net weight, kg 12 500
Gross weight, kg 59 000
Load capacity, kg 46 500
Body construction: floor/sidewalls 8/6 mm ST 52
Stabilizer Scissor type stabilizer, made of heavy steel struc
Axle 3x13 tons, with 420x180 drum brake from Tonar
Rims 12+1 front axle 9,0x22,5''
Tires 12+1 front axle 315/80 R22,5''
Braking system Wabco (Germany), ABS is optional
Hydraulics Penta (Italy), front end mounted
Landing gear Mechanical telescopic type Jost (Germany)
King pin Jost (Germany) 3 1/2'' dia
Electrics A 24V light system, 7 way quick release connector
Accessories Steel mudguards with rubber mudflaps
Painting system: The complete steel assemblies shotblasted, primere
Body volume, m³ 34

A similar kind of semitrailers

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