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Bunker-grain handlers.
Body volume 36 m³


Specifications and prices

Body volume, m³ 36
Weight of transported cargo, kg 29 000
The curb weight of the semi-trailer (trailer), not more, kg 11 000
Gross weight distribution, kg 37,500 (on a wheeled trolley); 2500 (on the coupli
The angle of tilt of the cross, degrees 30
Suspension balance-spring-dependent
Axis Tonar
Tires, wheels 800/45 R26,5; 26,5×28
The pressure on fertile soil, kg/Cm 1,95; 1,57; 1,46; 1,2
Performance unloading auger, t/h 350
The diameter of the unloading auger, mm 450
Drive the screws unloading auger from the tractor through a wide
Hydraulics Quantity RSB - (1/2 *) - 5 pcs.
The minimum amount of the oil of the tractor tank, l 80
The diameter of the finger coupling, mm 50
The height of the drawbar eye mm 1 000
The trailer is equipped with Mechanical awning with side twist; - systems

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Incoming standard on canopy protects the grain from moisture and ensure its safe transport.

The weighing system (optional)

Electronic scales are used for the most accurate determination of the weight of the silo content (minimum weighing error of +/- 1 kg.)
Electronic scales are able to summation and unloading weight data (weight, date and time of unloading) to a PC for further analysis.
Cargo weight is shown in large type on the display terminal.
Convenient and intuitive layout of the function keys.

Grain overload


Driving performance


A similar kind of semitrailers

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Bunker-grain handlers.
Body volume 22 m³
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